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Gillian Underwood
"The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others." Vincent van Gogh

As a musician and songwriter I started out playing solo around Sacramento at open mics at Old Ironsides, Luna's, and the old Press Club back in the late 1990s. A few years into it I formed a duo with Doug Vincent called Rhyme nor Reason. It was just me on guitar and vocals and Doug on bass. Sometime in the early 2000s we formed Starboard Bough with friends and very talented musicians Andy Cook, Jere Harjunpaa, Noah Bratt, and Ted Parks. Starboard Bough was sort of a Fleetwood Mac bluegrass psychotropic music experiment. After we were all partied out, I went back to playing solo for a while, until in 2008 when I formed The Favors, a mellow pop ensemble, with good friends Jenney Cooper, Travis Bradley, and Sean Royal. After that, it was Jason Deen, Travis, Sean, and me together as Gillian Underwood and The Lonesome Doves. Nowadays Travis and I continue to play as a duo, and we're having a great time! Sure hope you enjoy the music! If you really like it, tell your friends about the website. Don't forget to leave me a message in the guestbook. Thanks!